Founder of Powerful Steps exclusively represented by Claxton Speakers International

Founder of Powerful Steps exclusively represented by Claxton Speakers International

Tory Archbold has been signed by leading speaker agency, Claxton Speakers.

Tory is the CEO and Founder of TORSTAR – a brand communication agency recognised as the global powerhouse responsible for developing iconic campaigns for the world’s top performing consumer brands. Tory has built her own brand on the strength of the ambitions she has applied to those brands in her charge. Her formidable reputation around the extraordinary brand success stories she has created has cemented her position with a portfolio of clients who are globally recognised leaders.

She is passionate about sharing her learnings and knowledge to mentor others, so much so that this month she launched Powerful Steps – a platform to inspire, encourage and empower woman. Tory regularly contributes to industry forums and is committed to charities which reflect the changes she wishes to see in the world.

At one point, life behind closed doors was very different for Tory from that seen on the glamorous Sydney media scene. Tory, a single mum, was the victim of severe stalking and harassment from her ex-partner. Tory’s personal story will be featured in the May issue of Marie Claire magazine and a series of TV interviews, unveiling a side of her life, whilst in the past, has not been shared until now.

“Tory is known globally for launching some of the world biggest brands.  Her drive and passion is infectious whether she is creating an international PR campaign or launch for one of her client’s or delivering a keynote or workshop for corporate audiences,” says Deborah Claxton, Founder and Managing Director of Claxton Speakers International.


Tory Archbold is available for guest motivational and keynote speaking appearances, presentations and events. She is able to speak on a range of topics, including overcoming adversity, dedication and drive, perseverance, empowerment, building a successful business and launching your own brand.

To book Tory for your next event, please contact:

Claxton Speakers International

Phone | 61 2 9909 0033

Fax | 61 2 9909 0633


Welcome to Powerful Steps

Welcome to Powerful Steps

A letter from Founder Tory Archbold

Welcome to Powerful Steps. For me one of the greatest gifts in business is passing on your knowledge and experience to the next generation.

You may be at the start of your career, or perhaps you are in the middle of it. Do you need a new career action plan? Or maybe you have been thinking about launching your own business? How can you take the steps to make your dreams become a reality? This is where Powerful Steps comes in.

By shifting what no longer serves you and bringing you into alignment with the life you are meant to live, you can realise success. This is what Powerful Steps aims to do. Each of us need to take the powerful steps that will help us achieve our goals in life – whatever they may be.

We should never be afraid of who we are and what we want from our journey because when we believe in ourselves we have the ability to become who we are meant to be.

I’m so excited that you have made the decision to involve Powerful Steps in your journey. Through intimate workshops and personalised mentoring sessions, it’s time to embark on a new pathway to success – step by step.