Tory Archbold speaks to Channel 7 about Socialising in Isolation

Tory Archbold speaks to Channel 7 about Socialising in Isolation

Tory Archbold, Founder of Powerful Steps, featured on Channel 7 this week to share her tips on networking online to reach your professional goals in self-isolation. Tory recommends free apps to stay professional connected for small businesses – Zoom, Skype, FaceTime – which are easy to access on your phone or laptop. 

Insights included how you can stay connected daily with those in your team, professional tribe and of course family. These tips help you to use available online platforms and set up virtual coffee dates.

Watch Tory’s Channel 7 Interview here

For more tips on how to connect with others and build your global tribe go to our website and sign up to the #coffeechallenge, a simple and effective way to build your personal brand and grow your professional network –

Tory’s Tips Include: 

  • Celebrate on a Friday the week that was with a virtual lunch or dinner date
  • Ask people to dress up as they would have if you met in person
  • Add some fun to what is going to be a challenging time
  • Download a good app to get your body moving for 30 minutes a day.
  • Stretch, allow your mind to focus on delivering you a strong mindset. Resilience is what will get you to the finish line which is possibly six months away.
Tory Archbold joins EQMinds Podcast with Chelsea Pottenger

Tory Archbold joins EQMinds Podcast with Chelsea Pottenger

Tory Archbold, Founder of Powerful Steps joined Mental Health Advocate Chelsea Pottenger on the podcast EQMinds to discuss how to take powerful steps forward in challenging times. Tory shared her toolkit specifically on leaning into new change, stepping into your personal brand and why it is critical when working in isolation. Given the current situation people are facing with COVID-19 and isolation, this episode specifically aims to provide a helpful tools and optimism on several key topics such as:

1.25 How to build self-belief and not listen to the negative self-critic
2.47 The miracle shower technique
3.30 The right kind of tribes
6.43 How to connect and network effectively while we are working remotely
7.15 Your personal brand
8.00 The 3 virtual coffees per week – who they should be with
10.30 Small things matter
11.04 Self-care and the important of a happy heart

Listen to the Podcast Here –

Tory Archbold involvement in NSW Government Women in Business initiative

Tory Archbold involvement in NSW Government Women in Business initiative

In January 2020 , Geoff Lee, Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education announced Tory Archbold’s involvement with Women in Business, a NSW Government and TAFE NSW initiative that offers a fully subsidised online program for women who are looking to establish or maintain a small business.

A third of small businesses in Australia are led by women, with 46,000 women starting their own businesses in the past year alone, but now a new government initiative has been launched to ensure these businesses last the distance. TAFE NSW have committed $7 million to the NSW government’s Women in Business program which offers participants free training and advice with top business mentors.

Founder of Torstar and Powerful Steps Tory Archbold told Sky News the initiative allows millions of women to “tap into the hearts and minds” of the best people in practices across business including public relations and marketing. Starting a business, Ms Archbold said, “gives women the independence, and independence gives people freedom”. “Once you have freedom you have choice, and when you have choice you have the opportunity to help others”. 

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Sydney EA’s Lead from Within Workshop Co-Hosted by Tory Archbold & Michelle Bowditch

Sydney EA’s Lead from Within Workshop Co-Hosted by Tory Archbold & Michelle Bowditch

Tory Archbold, Founder of Powerful Steps and TORSTAR Communications and Door 20a Founder, Michelle Bowditch co-hosted the “EA’s Lead from within workshop” in Sydney on the 11th of March with a group of incredible Executive Assistants from organisations such as Coles, Stockland and Optus.

The day consisted of defining Powerful Steps, learning how to build your personal brand as well as your tribe with the weekly coffee challenge. Attendee’s networked and enjoyed a day full of practical EA tips including the importance of maintaining you LinkedIn profile, how to build your EA network and identify their very own EA superpowers. Tory shared her professional and personal journey, facilitated a dream delivery meditation and insight into how to believe in the power of your network for the delivery of outcomes. 

Attendee’s walked away with extensive knowledge on how to foster confidence and nurture their tribe to build their personal brand while supporting others. 

“ What a great day we had connecting with like-minded EAs across different industries.  The sessions on ‘what is our brand’ and ‘how to get more from LinkedIn, the power of connection’ were terrific.  Every time I hear about Linked In, I learn something new/beneficial and I love the idea of the ‘power of connection’ rather than ‘networking’.  I’m going to start implementing coffee catch ups (or perhaps a champagne catch up since I’m not a coffee drinker) and making sure that each connection is mutually beneficial for both parties, it’s not just a one way street.  The reminder to take your brand to work every day was great so that we are not one person at home and another at work when it comes to our values.  I am conscious daily of what I put out there to ensure I get back what I am expecting.  Knowing that my intellectual property is something to be valued is also something to be mindful of.” – Margot Paterson, EA to CEO, Boral Limited

Upcoming EA’s Lead from within Events:

Sydney – August 19 – Hosted at the Apartment at the Centennial

Melbourne – JULY date TBC – Hosted at The Prince Hotel, St Kilda

Brisbane – JULY date TBC – Hosted at Bougainvillea House, Howard Smith Wharves, Brisbane City

For more information on upcoming EA’s Lead from within workshops please head to Door20A at Eventbrite or click on the link below to book your ticket –