I have always listened to my gut instinct. During this global isolation period it has not failed me. I have had to listen, define and pivot the way I work and because I took the time to listen both of my businesses are working in flow…

After almost two decades and at the height of my career, leading global PR and Brand Communications Agency, TORSTAR and representing global brands like Zara, Nespresso, and Victoria’s Secret—my gut instinct spoke loud and clear. It said I had another business to launch. I didn’t know what it was going to be; I only knew to trust that feeling. 

By the end of 2019, I had created Powerful Steps, a leadership platform that empowers, inspires and encourages people to step into their true power and potential.

I truly believe that gut instinct is the best business strategy anyone could have. It’s what enables me to partner with corporate organisations to deliver Powerful Steps workshops, and more recently, a new business program for women, with TAFE NSW and the NSW government. Hear me talk about it on Sky News interview

3 Tips for Harness Your Gut Instinct for Business (and life)

1.      Gut Instinct drives authentic decisions

Over time, I’ve learned to trust my gut instinct. I know that when an opportunity is for me, doors open with ease. When a doorway closes, I don’t hang around and wait for it to open. I simply know it was never my path. When you’re connected to your inner wisdom, you’re empowered in your decision-making. You’ll learn to assess a situation and take action quickly. When you trust your gut feeling over other people’s opinions, you won’t detour from your natural course.

2.      Define Your Values

Your values dictate the partnerships you’ll attract in business. Powerful Steps is built on passion, integrity and delivery. I only move forward with opportunities that align with these values. As your reputation grows, so do your options. Know what you stand for, and you’ll know what’s for you. 

3.      Trust the Flow

When one door closes, another one opens. Often people cling to what’s leaving. Let go. Arianna Huffington wrote in Thrive, “Intuition is always trying to steer us the right way.” I agree. The more you operate from the flow, you’ll naturally understand what the tightness in the pit of your stomach means. To evolve and grow into the next stage of your business, you must always trust the flow.

I trust these tips gave you a valuable insight into how you can trust your gut instinct and the opportunities that come with understanding how to work in flow. My biggest passion is helping others shape their personal and professional brands. During this isolation period I am offering 6 one hour per week mentoring programs to allow you to step into your true power and potential using the skills I have developed to successfully attract and partner with the worlds leading retails brands.

For more information, Email info@powerfulsteps.com.au or visit our web site www.powerfulsteps.com.au