Why Millennial Women Are Burning Out

Why Millennial Women Are Burning Out

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Primer.com.au on my experience with professional burnout alongside Elaine Welteroth who was the youngest Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue and only the second African-American to hold this title at Publishing powerhouse Conde Naste.

Her memoir ‘More than Enough’ is a brilliant read and talks to the reader very candidly about her battle with burnout .and how she made it out the other side.

Anna Saunders, Co-Founder of Primer simply writes how it is for many women around the world in high profile roles where there is a pressure cooker to perform at all cost and gives a wonderful insight into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of millennial burnout.

Click the link to read https://primer.com.au/why-millennial-women-are-burning-out/

Good to know both Adrianna Huffington and Beyoncé have also spoken publicly with their battle and everyone featured not only survived….they thrived from the experience!

What they’re saying: Powerful Steps workshop attendees share what you can learn

What they’re saying: Powerful Steps workshop attendees share what you can learn

When Tory decided to launch Powerful Steps, she knew she wanted all women (and men!) to feel encouraged and empowered to take the right steps towards their dream career and life.

With two workshops already held in Sydney and Brisbane, here are just a few testimonials from attendees who have left feeling inspired from Powerful Steps workshops:

“Tory looks at challenges and sees possibilities. She showed us how to switch our thinking so we can have that mindset too. She has a knack of very quickly creating a safe space where you feel empowered to share your vulnerabilities and has developed a process where, through looking back and being crystal clear about the influences in your life, you can manifest a powerful vision and call in your dreams. But this isn’t just woo woo: Tory walks you through the actionable steps you need to achieve these goals and gives you the courage to be held to account. I walked away from this workshop deeply excited by the change I can bring about in my own life and with a confidence I hadn’t felt before to ‘step into my power’. Watch this space: big things are about to happen!” – Katrina Blowers, Seven News Brisbane Presenter and Senior Journalist

“There are many women experiencing change and transition and being with like-minded professional women from such a diverse range of professions was so refreshing.” – Miranda Watkins, Director Evolve Wellbeing

“Tory Archbold has always been skilled at helping others achieve their dreams as the powerhouse behind one of the country’s most successful PR companies.” – Jacinta Tynan, Sky News Australia presenter

“It was tough. It was inspiring and most of all it was incredible to watch Tory speak her truth and share her tools of success and courage to others.” – Keira Rumble, Wellness Warrior and CEO of Krumbled Foods

“Gratitude, persistence and boundaries… just a few of Tory’s qualities!” – Jaynie Seal, Sky News Australia presenter

To book a workshop, please visit: www.powerfulsteps.com.au/workshops

Powerful Steps Celebrates Successful Workshops in Sydney and Brisbane, May 2019

Powerful Steps Founder Tory Archbold hosted a workshop in Sydney and Brisbane this week which saw attendees transform through the process of identifying and taking #powerfulsteps to make their dream’s reality. Our favourite quote of the day? Believe in your own magic as the world is ready for you….

Marie Claire CHINA Supports Powerful Steps and Communicates Our Story to 15 Million Women….

Marie Claire CHINA Supports Powerful Steps and Communicates Our Story to 15 Million Women….

When you are on a journey to inspire, encourage and empower others it is with gratefulness you see that by taking a #powerfulstep#powerfulstep forward others may also have the opportunity to see that you can have success and survival in this lifetime. Thankyou @marieclaire.china and I trust your 15 million readers are inspired to take #powerfulsteps#powerfulsteps too. 当你的旅程激励,鼓励和赋予他人权力时,你会感激不尽的是,通过采取#powerfulstep前进,其他人也可能有机会看到你在这一生中能够获得成功和生存。 Thankyou @ marieclaire.china,我相信你的1500万读者也会受到#powerfulsteps的启发

Tory Archbold to speak at August 2019 Future of Leadership Conference

Tory Archbold to speak at August 2019 Future of Leadership Conference

What started as a one-day event in 2013, Future of Leadership now reaches over 2,000 people across seven locations in three countries. Tory Archbold has been selected as one of the key speakers for the 2019 August Future of Leadership Sydney Conference to share valuable insight into innovative thinking, visionary ideas and personal triumphs.

Tory Archbold is a passionate brand builder who understands success and survival. She built TORSTAR, a globally recognised communications agency, on 3 core values – passion, integrity and delivery. TORSTAR not only represents some of the worlds leading retail brands, she has launched many of Australia’s top brands globally.

Tory will share how her non-negotiable values have played a pivotal role in attracting and achieving success with the worlds top performing retail brands and delivering the most talked about brand launches in the media. Focused, connected and with the ability to empower others, an engaging storyteller, Tory will share why integrity is vital to any business relationship and most importantly those personal relationships we value.

The 2019 Future of Leadership Sydney conference will be held at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour on the 9th of August.

Please head to Future of Leadership to book