Tory Archbold speaks to Channel 7 about Socialising in Isolation

Tory Archbold speaks to Channel 7 about Socialising in Isolation

Tory Archbold, Founder of Powerful Steps, featured on Channel 7 this week to share her tips on networking online to reach your professional goals in self-isolation. Tory recommends free apps to stay professional connected for small businesses – Zoom, Skype, FaceTime – which are easy to access on your phone or laptop. 

Insights included how you can stay connected daily with those in your team, professional tribe and of course family. These tips help you to use available online platforms and set up virtual coffee dates.

Watch Tory’s Channel 7 Interview here

For more tips on how to connect with others and build your global tribe go to our website and sign up to the #coffeechallenge, a simple and effective way to build your personal brand and grow your professional network –

Tory’s Tips Include: 

  • Celebrate on a Friday the week that was with a virtual lunch or dinner date
  • Ask people to dress up as they would have if you met in person
  • Add some fun to what is going to be a challenging time
  • Download a good app to get your body moving for 30 minutes a day.
  • Stretch, allow your mind to focus on delivering you a strong mindset. Resilience is what will get you to the finish line which is possibly six months away.
Tory Archbold joins EQMinds Podcast with Chelsea Pottenger

Tory Archbold joins EQMinds Podcast with Chelsea Pottenger

Tory Archbold, Founder of Powerful Steps joined Mental Health Advocate Chelsea Pottenger on the podcast EQMinds to discuss how to take powerful steps forward in challenging times. Tory shared her toolkit specifically on leaning into new change, stepping into your personal brand and why it is critical when working in isolation. Given the current situation people are facing with COVID-19 and isolation, this episode specifically aims to provide a helpful tools and optimism on several key topics such as:

1.25 How to build self-belief and not listen to the negative self-critic
2.47 The miracle shower technique
3.30 The right kind of tribes
6.43 How to connect and network effectively while we are working remotely
7.15 Your personal brand
8.00 The 3 virtual coffees per week – who they should be with
10.30 Small things matter
11.04 Self-care and the important of a happy heart

Listen to the Podcast Here –

Balancing the Grind With Tory Archbold, Founder & Director of Powerful Steps

Balancing the Grind With Tory Archbold, Founder & Director of Powerful Steps

Tory Archbold is the Founder & Director of Powerful Steps, a platform which allows others to step into their true power and potential.

She also founded Torstar, a brand communications agency that has worked alongside international and local fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

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1) To kick things off, could you tell us a little about your career background and current role?

I started TORSTAR almost 20 years ago and it grew into a globally recognised brand communication agency partnering with the world’s top performing retail brands.

A few years ago I downsized the agency in favour of a work-life balance and haven’t looked back. Downsizing taught me that you can still attract the world’s best brands if you have the passion, right team and deliver. In 2019 my passion shifted and I started Powerful Steps, a platform to inspire, encourage and empower others.

Like TORSTAR, it started with my gut instinct and a desire that the business I would be stepping into would deliver a positive impact on others. Instead of driving a brand’s impact through customer experience and sales driven strategies, I now impact others through transformational leadership with a series of corporate workshops, keynote speaking and retreats.

I love the raw, authenticity of sharing my personal and professional journey to switch people’s thinking and allowing them to understand that anything is possible when you look at challenges as possibilities.


“To The Outside World Everything Looked Incredible”

“To The Outside World Everything Looked Incredible”

I’ve always loved media. Since my teens, I’ve collected fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines, and in 2000, after working in London and in marketing for magazines, I launched my own PR agency Torstar in Sydney. At the height of my success with Torstar, I employed 22 staff as well as a team of freelancers, and I represented some of the top Australian designers, like Alex Perry, Jayson Brunsdon, Leona Edmonston – all the ones everyone wanted. I worked with marie claire for six years, and I’ve had an extraordinary relationship with Nespresso, too.

We also represented some of the world’s biggest brands. I had clients in…CONTINUE READING HERE

Tory Archbold’s brave new project empowering other women

Tory Archbold’s brave new project empowering other women

Tory Archbold’s life appeared to be the envy of women everywhere.

The successful PR queen had a growing paycheck, and a long list of celebrity clients – and she was the brains behind the biggest fashion launch in Australian history with the opening of Zara.

But at home, she was fighting a private battle, after being stalked and harassed for 12 years by a former partner.

Now, she’s inspiring others with a new business designed to encourage and empower women through all of life’s challenges.

This Is What It’s Like To Be Stalked For 12 Years And Come Out The Other Side

This Is What It’s Like To Be Stalked For 12 Years And Come Out The Other Side

How Tory Archbold turned her horrific experience into a powerful business. 

“It started with text messages that turned into up to 100 points of communication a day. I’d be sitting at work on my computer, the phone would be ringing, the email would be pinging, or him turning up. I’d be trying to deal with a major international client. It was just… I’d go into a tailspin. It was very overwhelming. This went on for 12 years,” sighs Tory Archbold as she recalls being stalked and harassed by her ex-partner.

Sitting across from me in her hip Sydney office is one of Australia’s most successful PR, dare I say, queens. A woman who I’ve known, worked with and forever admired for two decades. Tory built her impressive PR business, Torstar, and its even more impressive client list – including Victoria Secret, Zara and David Jones plus more – all while raising her daughter solo. Respect. But… READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE