Founder of Powerful Steps, Tory Archbold, has penned a feature for leading women’s network, Business Chicks.

We all want to achieve our career goals, but being a ‘people pleaser’ won’t help you reach your potential. It can actually de-value your skills, create more stress and leave you feeling unhappy at work.

It’s human nature to want acceptance of your workplace peers, however people pleasing is an unhealthy trait. It can place you under enormous amounts of pressure, de-value your skill set and leave you in a position where you no longer have control over the outcome.

As Steve Jobs once said ‘focus is about saying no’. To say ‘yes’ and just implement the next steps without questioning the outcome showcases poor leadership and team management skills. In business, you must always speak the truth. It builds trust and integrity with clients and colleagues, leads to referrals and future leadership roles in high-impact global companies.

Those who consistently seek validation and acceptance might find themselves stuck in a ‘people-pleasing’ rut. On the contrary, those who use their voice and are able to be assertive will find themselves seeking out greater opportunities and partnering with like-minded people.

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