Tory Archbold shared with Jaynie Seal on Sky News Australia how to maintain your personal brand during COVID-19.

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Founder of leadership platform Powerful Steps Tory Archbold says “your personal brand, face-to-face connection, and believing in yourself” are the top tips for “building a global network”. “The personal brand is something a lot of people haven’t looked at until they’ve had to work in a virtual world,” Ms Archbold told Sky News. “We’re now working in a virtual world and everything is obviously visual, so there is no point turning up to a Skype or Zoom meeting on a professional basis not representing who want people to see you as.”

Tory’s top 3 tips for those who have never worked in a ‘virtual’ business world are:

1) Refine your personal brand so that you attract and maintain the right connections in your professional life.

2) Connect with others face-to-face via zoom, Skype, FaceTime – people will remember visual conversations versus those who hide behind emails and text messages.

3) Believe in yourself. The best advise I can give right now is to step outside your comfort zone and embrace changing times. Now is the time for many people to ‘shine’ in their roles and showcase their ability to adapt and deliver. If you can do this you are guaranteed growth and are seen as someone who is 100% a professional team player.

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