Founder and CEO of TORSTAR, Tory Archbold, has launched Powerful Steps with Marie Claire Australia magazine.

“When Tory first told me her story, I broke out in goosebumps (and tears),” says Alley Pascoe, Deputy Features Editor of Marie Claire Australia. “She is the epitome of strength under pressure. I am in awe of her tenacity and honoured she shared her story with me. Every single woman I know can learn something from Tory’s story. She’s been through hell, but she never gave up. She just got stronger.”

Powerful Steps is platform designed to inspire, encourage and empower women through the different challenges of life, launching their own business and building a successful brand.

“This platform is about helping all women step into your power,” says founder Tory Archbold. “We should never be afraid of who we are and what we want from our life journey. When we believe in ourselves we have the ability to become who we are meant to be.”

Tory Archbold’s advice for stepping into your power – at work and in life :


“No” is a very powerful word – don’t be afraid to use it. Creating boundaries brings true alignment to your personal journey, and gives you power and purpose. Placing myself first has set me free on multiple levels.


I love the concept of sitting in your pain, owning it and letting it go. I have a Buddhist monk in Thailand to thank for teaching me the practice. We all have #WTF moments that are easy to overcome by finding forgiveness.


Step into your power and learn to let go. Your struggles challenge you, develop your strengths and define who you are. Letting go creates space to live in the moment and enjoy what you have created. It gives you a happy heart.