In an interview with Georgie Gardner for the Today Show, Tory revealed her personal story with domestic violence and why she created Powerful Steps.

“Brave” and “courageous” were the words used by Today Show co-host Georgie Gardner to describe Tory Archbold and her willingness to share her own story with domestic violence to help other women.

One in four women have experienced emotional abuse by a current or former partner since the age of 15, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Tory moved out of the family home away from her now ex-partner when her daughter was just nine-months-old. “It was a very toxic environment,” recalls Tory. “No one knew that this was going on.”

Less than 20 per cent of domestic violence cases are physical. Karen Willis from Domestic Violence Services Australia said often the long-term effects are far greater for women who have experienced emotional abuse from a partner.

“It’s the words that hurt. It’s the fear that stays. It’s that constant moving sands of not knowing what’s going to happen next. It’s living a life walking on egg shells and never knowing when the next attack is going to occur that does the damage,” explains Karen. “I don’t think we can underestimate the impacts.”

Tory speaking on the Today Show about her story.

To empower other women experiencing abuse, Tory realised that it was time to share her story.

“I decided that my story is going to resonate with a lot of women,” says Tory. We are launching a series of workshops to inspire, encourage and empower women to take those powerful steps to come out of the other side.”

Workshops will be held in Sydney on Thursday, May 23rd; Melbourne on Thursday, May 9 and Brisbane on Monday, May 27.